Awesome Wedding Budget Hacks

We are in love with this article from hitched on ways to save, we all know how expensive weddings can be, a day set aside so special from any other the temptation to overspend is all to easy. So how do you keep yourselves on track and create a beautifully memorable day.


Write Down Your Budget

It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? But actually it’s often overlooked because of how simple it is. Do you ever look at your food shop on the conveyor belt at the till and try to guess how much it’ll come to? No? Just us then. But we’re often wrong because without keeping a note costs will escalate. Use a budget planner and add everything in to it – even those few packs of wedding confetti that are only a couple of pounds each. It all adds up and it’ll be easier to control if you can see what you are spending.

Beg, Borrow and Steal

Don’t actually steal though. That’s a crime and we don’t endorse it. But borrowing is a key way to keep your budget under control. It’s likely that you have friends, and some of those friends will have already got married. If you loved the frame they displayed their table plan in, or thought your best friend’s tiara was beautiful, ask if you can borrow it. You’ll need something borrowed for your wedding anyway so try and borrow where you can to keep costs down.

Call in Favours

Does your aunt make awesome cakes? Got a friend with a fancy car? Don’t be afraid to ask Auntie Jane if she wouldn’t mind making your wedding cake in place of a gift, or Lee with the sweet wheels if he’ll drive you to the church. Just tell them it’s OK to say no if they don’t feel they can do it, so they don’t feel like they have to do it.

Consider Pre-Loved

How often does any bride wear her wedding dress for? A day (usually…). So why not consider shopping for a pre-loved wedding dress? You could snap up your dream dress for a fraction of the cost and you’ll know it was only worn once, for about 12 hours. It makes sense if you’re on a tight budget, or you’ve fallen for a gown that costs more than your venue hire and catering put together.

What Do You Really Need?

Once upon a time, in the olden days, it was customary to have a church wedding ceremony followed by a reception at a separate venue. But times are changing, and more often now the wedding ceremony and following celebrations all take place at one venue. So do you really need a wedding car to arrive in? Who will see it if everyone’s already inside and you’ve got nowhere to travel to after the ceremony?

Remember this mantra: I don’t need everything I’ve seen on Pinterest. There’s no shame in wanting a wedding car but if that’s the case, do you need the DIY cocktail stand, the popcorn bar and the singing waiters? It might all look amazing on a Pinterest board but who really has the money for all those things?

Get Creative

Just because every wedding you’ve ever been to consisted of a three course wedding breakfast, following by wedding cake and tea and coffee, and then an evening buffet, you don’t have to do the same. Consider marrying later in the day and serving an elaborate buffet for the day and evening guests. Think about cheaper meal options – skip the starter, serve fun food like a BBQ or huge pizzas for the main and give your guests wedding cake for dessert. And do they really need tea and coffee?

Can’t get enough of these ideas head over to hitched to read the full article

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